Blowing our own trumpet is not what we fancy, we would rather have you know us and the work we do.

We dance to the tune of our own music with an occasional beat or two added with pride from the R K Swamy Hansa Group lineage. Tread our journey of the last decade through the chambers of Events, Activations, Exhibitions and MICE fused with the power of Digital and Artistes that make every moment memorable.

You can catch our performers at work in 6 cities branching out to 17 Field Offices sipping on coffee, constantly on calls, battling the excel fever or just here, down below.


To seamlessly bring together the might of the mind and the power of technology to create enriching experiences.


To create experiences that are breathtaking and can communicate the essence of the brand, its values and more.

Know Our

Between packed weekdays and crazy weekends, meet our team that manages both with a wide smile.
You can catch us for a cup of coffee:

Client Servicing &
Business Development

Yes, but first a glass of cutting chai.
You will see us constantly moving. Living between pitches and execution, we probably have learned to live out of our bags.


Midnight at a setup.
We like the challenge a brief puts in front of us. Moving between excel sheets and execution, we love bringing ideas to life.

Concept & Creative

Anytime, we are always up for another cup.
We love living in our creative bubble. Bringing design, technology, simplicity and a sense of wonder to what we create.


Forget coffee, let us catch up over a drink!
We put the art in artiste.

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